Committed to Your Success as a Speaker

I am firmly committed to your success as a speaker who wants to change the world.

I help you deliver powerful talks that move people to action and achieve your mission in the world.

Let's change the world, have a positive impact and leave a sign together!

Work With Me

20 Years Developing People In Organisations

From sales training to entrepreneurship and startup coaching. From corporate people development to impact coaching.
Developing people's potential as changemakers in the world is what moves me every single day.

Early 2000's
Discovering A Passion For People Development

In early 2000's, I started training pharmaceutical sales organisations. It wasn't just about sales; it was about the relationships between people. I loved seeing that moment when someone really understood a new idea. It was like a light turned on in their head. That's when I knew helping people grow was what I wanted to do.

Developing Potential Through Entrepreneurship

By 2010, I got interested in how starting new businesses can help people show their full potential. I learned about the Lean Startup method, which was new in Europe then, and I started teaching it. I created courses to help young people start their own businesses. It was exciting to see them turn their ideas into reality.

Mid 2010's
Life Coaching & Corporate People Development

In 2012, I began life coaching alongside my work with startups. I learned a lot from great coaches and read books by experts. This helped me get better at what I do. In 2014, I started working with big companies like TESCO and Google. I taught them how to think like entrepreneurs and bring out the best in their teams.

Sustainability Mission and Speakers Impact Coaching

In 2020, I realized I wanted to do something about the ocean crisis. So, I started producing TEDxCowes, focusing on ocean sustainability. I coached the speakers to share powerful messages that would make people want to take action. This led me to start "Talk for Impact," where I help leaders who want to make a difference improve their speaking skills.


Innovators Development Program

Leonardo did a great job collaborating with me on an initiative for my team of innovators.
Would recommend Leonardo as a thought partner on innovation.
-Stephanie Fastre, Google

Coaching Twitter Regional Head

I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with Leonardo to take it - he is one of the best!
Stephanie Singer, Everwise Leaders Coaching

'Food For Thought' for BBC Academy

I'd have no hesitation recommending him as a great inspirational speaker for organisations that want to get ahead in a fast changing business environment.
–Mel Rodrigues, BBC

Innovating Like a Startup for Creatives

It was a fascinating session appreciated by the whole group. Leonardo gave life to the subject in a charismatic and humorous way. The creative team as a whole from across the world rated the session highly in their feedback.
–Rob Clark, Fremantle Media

Against the Tide

1. Real-Life Experience and Deep Sensitivity Beat Coaching Certifications

In a world where formal certifications are often seen as the hallmark of expertise, I have chosen a different path – one that is deeply rooted in real-world experiences and personal connections. My journey in coaching and people development has been unconventional, driven by a belief that the most profound learning comes from practical application and empathetic understanding of each individual's unique journey.

2. A Speaker is a Speaker - a Coach is a Coach

While an accomplished speaker can captivate an audience, it doesn’t always mean they can coach others to do the same. A skilled speakers coach goes beyond mere performance; they listen, understand, and guide each individual, helping them find and follow their own unique path to speak authentically and from the heart, rather than just emulating someone else’s style.

3. A Non-Native Speaker Coach Brings in a Host of Advantages

Grammar command to give speakers more expression choices, a foreign ear to help them communicate with global audiences, a broader perspective to further expand the speakers expression choices. Read more about The Secret Advantage of a Non-Native Speaker's Coach.

My Committment to You

As a Speakers Coach, my commitment is to You – to help you uncover your authentic voice and use it to make an impact. Whether you’re speaking at a corporate event, championing a cause, or leading a team, my goal is to empower you to speak in a way that resonates, moves, and inspires. Together, we can turn speaking into a form of expression that not only conveys information but also touches hearts, changes minds and has an impact onto the world.

Leonardo Zangrando

Media Presence

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