How Can Leaders Develop Their Public Speaking Skills for Impact?

In this post we will explore

1. why public speaking is an essential tool for true leaders,

2. how they can develop it and

3. what benefits they will get from it.

At the end you will gain clarity about these 3 points and will know how to get started, to multiply your mission’s impact beyond measure!

I’ve been coaching and training people to uncover and use their true potential for over 20 years and now I coach impact leaders to deliver inspiring talks that move audiences to action and multiply their positive impact.

Public speaking is an essential tool for any true leader

The job of any leader is, well, to lead. Which means to align people around a shared objective. Bad leaders can try to do this by coercing their people into it. Obviously this doesn’t work long term and most likely will backfire.

True leaders need to communicate with their teams, which depending on the position of the leader may be made of hundreds or thousands of people. And they can really communicate only by establishing a deep connection.

The only way to get to deep connections with people, is in real life. Online doesn’t work. And the best way to connect with people in real life at scale, is through public speaking.

How a leader can develop public speaking skills

Public speaking has a bad vibe. It’s seen as something you either know naturally, or something you need to force yourself to do. But this pushback is due exclusively to our fears of failing, of not being accepted, of being ridiculed.

Now think, as a leader how many times you have to navigate the unknown and make tough decisions that put your profile at risk? (If you don’t do it and play always safe, you can’t call yourself a leader…)

If speaking on stage feels like a challenge for you, just face it as you would face a difficult decision with a lot of risk and uncertainty. You would do it anyways!

Then there’s the practicalities of learning, which is easily done if you are up for it with the help of a speakers coach.

Multiplying your impact as a leader through public speaking

What is the real benefit of public speaking then? It’s the ability to connect with the people in your organisation at a deep level. It’s the ability to show them that you care for them and for your corporate mission. It’s the ability to mobilise them to action towards the goals of that mission.

Nothing less than that. Well worth doing it!


We touched the essentials of public speaking for leaders, a fundamental tool to multiply their impact. 

If you are a leader committed to move the people in  your organisation to action for the corporate mission, speakers coaching is the best tool to have.

Reach out to explore how to make it your best investment for 2024.

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