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Empower your voice through action. At Talk for Impact, we embrace a hands-on approach to develop your speaking skills. Here, practical engagement and real-world practice bring your natural communication strengths to the forefront. Join us for a coaching experience that’s as dynamic and impactful as the results it delivers.

Developing people in great organisations

I love to see my speakers succeed... while they enjoy the transformation process!

– Leonardo Zangrando

My speakers consistently appreciate my coaching approach, my “mindful and personalised guidance”, which makes them feel listened to and understood, in an “efficient, insightful and joyous interaction” to help them “develop their own voice” by “providing clear guidelines” and “listening intently” in a “powerful experience”, “coaching on delivery, content and language.”

Sally Nowroozi

Principal CX Evangelist at Salesforce

"I did it!!!!! Honestly went so well. I found all the natural pauses and took my time... I couldn’t have done it without you." 

Timo Peach

Performer, Composer, Designer, Writer, Events Creative, Speaker and Host

"Your approach to delivering the talk writing for this event was a lesson to many. You made refining my talk efficient, insightful and joyful."

Lauren Vaknine

Leading Voice in Wellness, Writer, Speaker, Podcast Host

"If you are serious about your speaking career, then I highly recommend working with Leonardo. He'll teach you things you would never have thought of."

Empowering Voices, One Speech at a Time

Hi, I'm Leonardo Zangrando, the driving force behind Talk for Impact.

My journey in coaching is fuelled by a passion for unlocking the potential in every speaker, whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a professional in a large organisation.

I believe in the power of action, not just theory.

My approach to coaching in public speaking and leadership is rooted in real-world experiences and genuine relationships.

Join me in exploring how we can transform your communication skills and leadership journey.

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For Your Organisation: Empowering People, Elevating Teams

In the dynamic realm of business, effective communication and strong leadership are not just assets but necessities. At Talk for Impact, we specialise in enhancing these vital skills within organisations. Our coaching services are designed to foster a culture where clarity, confidence, and collaboration thrive, propelling your team towards greater success.

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How We Help Organisations

Tailored Approach: Understanding that each organisation is unique, our coaching is customised to align with your specific challenges and objectives. We delve into the core of your team dynamics, identifying areas for growth and development.
Enhanced Communication: Transform the way your teams interact. Our coaching sharpens communication skills, leading to more effective meetings, clearer presentations, and stronger interpersonal relationships.
Leadership Development: Cultivate leaders who inspire and motivate. We focus on developing leadership qualities that resonate across all levels of your organisation, fostering an environment of respect and innovation.

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Our Offerings to Transform Your People

Group Coaching Sessions: Ideal for teams, these sessions enhance collective communication skills and cohesiveness.
Leadership Communication Workshops: Tailored workshops that equip leaders with the skills to guide, influence, and inspire their teams.
Customised Training Programs: From public speaking to executive presence, our programs are designed to address the specific needs of your organisation.

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