«Leaders' Impact» Explainer

«Leaders' Impact» is the group created for Leaders willing to increase their impact and personal brand through public speaking and effective communication.

As a member of «Leaders' Impact» you will enjoy weekly Speech Clinics™ on the hottest public speaking issues encountered by the group, plus much more.

Sally, Conrad, Neenu and Carlos already had their Clinics in the last couple of months. Here is what they think.

Public speaking and effective communication are essential to:

💥 get people listen to you

💥 inspire people to follow you

💥 get your ideas successfully across

💥 activate your team for your objective

💥 Improve your technical communication

💥 make your scientific communication accessible

💥 multiply your impact for your mission

💥 increase your personal profile

💥 give you authority at work

💥 boost your career

If any of these is bogging you down, «Leaders' Impact» might be the right place for you! Check below what «Leaders' Impact» members get from the group.

New Cohort Launching Soon

The group will launch a new cohort shortly. To pre-register fill in the form at the bottom (no commitment whatsoever).

When you pre-register you get a host of benefits:

1️⃣ Access to the Priority Lane for the official group launch.
2️⃣ Access to all the existing Clinics, on subjects such as

- drafting a talk's content

- using stories

- keeping the attention high

- creating effective CTAs

- self-consciousness while on stage

- and even freezing on stage!

3️⃣ Access to a growing number of free tools, forms and checklists to help you improve your communication effectiveness.

4️⃣ Access to the complimentary Scorecard to evaluate your current talk (or the one you are creating now)

Success Stories that Inspire

Meet individuals who have thrived with «Leaders' Impact». Hear their success stories and discover how «Leaders' Impact» has played a pivotal role in their leadership journey. Your success story could be next!

Clinic Snapshot

Get a sneak peek into our Speech Clinics™ with a video showcasing a transformative coaching session. See firsthand how «Leaders' Impact» turns challenges into triumphs.

What Our Members Say

🗣️ Customer Feedback that Speaks Volumes

Read and listen testimonials from our members about their experiences in «Leaders' Impact». Join a group that not only promises growth but delivers results. Your journey begins with the support of a community that cares.