4 x 1h30/wk
Group (4 to 8)
online live

Shared Strength: Group Coaching for Stage Confidence

"Shared Strength: Group Coaching for Stage Confidence" for groups is an interactive and dynamic session aimed at teams of managers who want to collectively improve their public speaking skills. This package is ideal for groups looking to support each other in overcoming stage anxiety and building a stronger, more confident presence in public speaking scenarios.

Key Focus

  • Group exercises and strategies to overcome stage fright.
  • Creating a supportive environment for addressing public speaking fears.
  • Building confidence and composure in a group setting.

Package Structure

This group session spans a single 2-hour workshop. It is designed to be experiential and hands-on, with participants getting the opportunity to apply the concepts in real-time by delivering short talks on stage. This practical approach allows for immediate feedback and collective learning.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will leave the session with not only individual strategies to address their fears but also with the experience of having practiced these strategies in a supportive group setting. The goal is for each speaker to learn how to take control during panic moments on stage, turning anxiety into confident and effective communication.