2 x 1hr
via Zoom

Keynote Perfection: Final Touches for Impact

"Keynote Perfection: Final Touches for Impact" is designed for speakers who are in the final stages of preparing for a crucial keynote. This package is perfect for those looking to fine-tune their delivery and maximise their impact in the days leading up to their event.

Key Focus

  • Refining the dynamics of your talk to enhance audience engagement without changes to content.
  • Focusing on breathing and pause techniques to reduce stress and increase control during the delivery.
  • Making subtle yet impactful adjustments to transform a good talk into an excellent one.

Package Structure

This intensive package includes two 1-hour sessions in the week before your event. It assumes that your talk is already fully scripted and memorised, allowing us to concentrate on delivery nuances that make a significant difference.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will feel more in control and less stressed about their upcoming keynote. The subtle enhancements made during these sessions are designed to elevate your talk from good to excellent, ensuring it resonates powerfully with your audience.

Client Testimonial

Sally's experience speaks volumes:

"I did it!!!!! Honestly went so well. I found all the natural pauses and took my time...
I couldn’t have done it without you."

This package turned Sally's good presentation into an outstanding performance, and it can do the same for you.