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Core Calling: Aligning Personal and Professional Values

"Core Calling: Aligning Personal and Professional Values" is an introspective coaching package tailored for individuals and supported by forward-thinking organisations. This package is especially valuable for companies that prioritise the alignment of personal and corporate goals, recognizing that employees who find deeper meaning in their work are more engaged, satisfied, and effective.

Key Focus

  • Facilitating personal discovery to uncover one's true motivations and passions.
  • Aligning individual 'why' with the company's mission and values.
  • Encouraging a holistic approach to career development, considering personal fulfilment and professional growth.
  • Offering a reflective space for leaders to reassess and realign their career trajectories.

Package Structure

The package includes four monthly 1.5-hour sessions, interspersed with reflective exercises and practical homework. This extended time frame allows for thoughtful exploration and meaningful insights.

Expected Outcomes

Participants gain clarity on their personal mission and how it complements their professional role. For HR and the company, investing in this kind of personal development fosters a more authentic, motivated workplace. It's a commitment to ethical employment, where the goal is not just to retain talent, but to ensure that every team member is genuinely aligned and fulfilled in their role.

Corporate Benefit

From an organisational perspective, "Core Calling” represents a strategic investment in human capital. It's about building a culture where employees' personal goals resonate with the company's vision, leading to a more harmonious, productive, and ethical workplace.

Note on Confidentiality and Ethical Practice

The personal nature of this journey is treated with utmost confidentiality. Success stories, though private, often reflect profound shifts towards more aligned and satisfying career paths, benefiting both the individual and the organisation.