What’s up this week

Quick update about what’s going on.

The December Fundraisers campaign closed on 15 September. There are still a few seats available, get in touch if you are interested. I also plan to give away one complimentary seat to a particularly touching cause.

The book is slowly progressing. My plan was to write between 1 and 2,000 words per day… forget it. There’s tons of other stuff competing with that objective! But I am progressing anyways.

Subscribers are slowly growing. Thank you to all new subscribers (and old ones) I hope you like what you find here. If so, why not sharing and inviting others to join? 😉

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Last week we recorded a few more testimonials. Thank you to all the speakers who worked with me and decided to record a recommendation. If you think this could inspire other speakers to get in touch to craft their next talk, here are the testimonials.

This week plan is to publish a post on Thursday about the controversial issue of AI and creativity. We are living interesting times and it’s worth exploring what AI can do for us without removing our humanity from us.

Have a great week!

Image by Matthew Hernandez on Unsplash

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