How to Leverage Your TEDx Talk

Congratulations on landing a TEDx talk! It's a great achievement that marks a turning point in your journey as a public speaker. TEDx isn't just a milestone; it's a stepping stone that can catapult you into a new world of influence and opportunity. As you enjoy your success, know that more speaking engagements are likely to follow. You’ve scaled the first peak, and now the world seems different from up here, full of possibilities.

The TEDx stage is unique, a space where ideas intersect with the art of storytelling, captivating an audience both in the room and across the world. Your performance there is a testimonial of your abilities and potential. But the climb doesn’t stop at this first peak. Beyond TEDx, many live audiences await, each with their own expectations and each setting presenting its own challenges.

Before you step onto the next stage, a word of caution. Are you truly prepared to engage and inspire time and time again? Your TEDx talk may have been a triumph, but remember, that was also a controlled environment. The talk was edited, the setting familiar. Live audiences will offer no such safety net.

Consider your TEDx experience a trial run, a valuable practice that has set you up for the real deal: unedited, unpredictable, and utterly exhilarating live public speaking events. The skills you developed and the confidence you gained are about to be put to the ultimate test.

And yet, I'm sure you will make it. The diligence that earned you a spot on your TEDx is the same you’ll need to excel in the diverse world of public speaking engagements before you. Each presentation is an opportunity to refine your message, each audience a chance to expand your reach.

What you've achieved so far doesn't just suggest that you just "might" make it—it all but guarantees it! The key now is to leverage your TEDx experience, to take the lessons learned, the feedback received, and the confidence built, and use it to fuel your ongoing journey. Stay humble, stay hungry, and stay on course to share your message with the world, one audience at a time.

Now that you’ve tasted the thrill of impact, there’s no turning back. Welcome to your new world. It’s time to make the most of it!

You will learn to deliver your talk flawlessly and without prompts, your talk will become second nature to you. Delivering your talk on stage will become a door open to opportunities. Audiences will love to see your enthusiasm and commitment and you will be able to adapt your talk to what is happening in the room without getting lost. You will become able to respond to challenges and never lose track. How does that sound?

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