How to Gain Massive Clarity in Your Speech

In this post I’m going to explore a crucial element to gain massive clarity in your talk, that is knowing exactly your WHY. Your WHY is the reason why you do it in the first place. The post is particularly relevant for speakers who need to convey a critical message to an audience. At the end of the post you will know why you need to know your WHY, how you can make it crystal clear and how it helps you gain massive clarity on stage. I am TEDxCowes producer and speakers coach, I coached over 20 TEDx speakers to success and I love to see you make the most of any speaking opportunity for your cause!

Why you need to know your WHY

Your WHY is the foundation of your talk. Knowing it has several advantages. To start with, it helps you shape the entire talk around one single objective. Your talk is a powerful tool to express an idea. If you are clear why you want to communicate that idea, you are clear also about the objective of your talk. And it becomes much easier to write the script.

It helps you also when you are on stage. Knowing your WHY is the power that moves you on stage. With a clear WHY you are not just delivering a script on stage. You are sending the audience what is most important for you. You are talking from your heart.

How you can make your WHY crystal clear

Make your WHY crystal clear for you in the first place. Ask yourself, why am I doing this talk? What is my objective? And then ask yourself, WHY is that my objective? Say you want to convince an audience to donate to your cause. But what is the WHY behind it? I’d argue it’s your cause!

Being clear of what moves you in the first place, allows you to see the entire process of writing first and then delivering, much easier.

To be really sure abut your WHY, try this exercise: every time you explain why you do it, as yourself what’s the real reason behind. Repeat the process 5 times. It’s called the 5 Whys and it gets you quickly to the core of why you do things!

How your WHY helps you be spotless

It’s stage time! You know your script by heart and you are ready to engage with the audience. But you are afraid of missing pieces, forgetting it and freezing on stage. That’s why you are focusing on the delivery, on your fears about being on stage. But wait. When you tell me the same story you are brilliant. How is it so? Because when you talk to me you focus entirely on your WHY. It drives you in everything you do. Normally you don’t need to remember your WHY, it just comes natural. But on stage it is the powerful weapon to fight against stage fright. Keep it clear and your talk will be spotless!


That’s it!

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