A new adventure for impact!


I am sending this initial message to my dearest friends, the TEDxCowes speakers I’ve helped create inspiring talks on Ocean Sustainability and the coaching friends and partners I met along my transformational coaching journey.

Working with you has given me the strength and self confidence that comes only after working with great people. So after helping you inspire the people around you I decided to share my learnings and multiply even further my impact.

In this newsletter and website I am going to write about my experience as a speakers’ coach to inspire people to action for social and environmental causes, for Ocean Sustainability, for our Planet, for our future.

Talk for Impact is dedicated to great speakers, changemakers and impact leaders, to help them craft powerful talks that will move their audience to action.

I hope that you will find interesting ideas and insights, to help you inspire even more people and multiply your impact.

As a last thought, if you like what I am doing and want to give me a hand, please share this newsletter with people you know who want to make an impact for good.

Thank you to all my TEDx speakers Timo, Elizabeth, Andrew, Kika, Josh, Kara, Gavin, Ilona, Vincent, Lauren, Nico, Lisa, James, Katherine, Chris, Shanaya, Giles, Belinda, and to all my coaching friends.

Talk for Impact is a platform for Impact Leaders and Changemakers, with a newsletter packed full of suggestions and other resources on how to deliver great talks that move audiences to action.

And if you feel ready to work one-to-one with me reach out for a 20' discovery chat with me (in English, Spanish or Italian.)