5 Reasons You Shouldn't Work With Me

Are you looking to work with a Speakers Coach? Maybe you’re wanting to deliver a great speech at the upcoming big event and you need some coaching to get there. If that’s the case, a speakers coach could help.

With Talk for Impact I’ve helped dozens of clients improve their public speaking and create memorable talks with one-to-one coaching. But, my services might NOT be the right fit for you. I know that might surprise you, after all, shouldn’t I be selling this service to anyone and everyone?

I don’t feel comfortable doing that because the truth is, I’m not 100% right for everyone. My Talk for Impact coaching packages can only be successful if I work with the right people with the right mindset, and this is why I decided to write this article.

Below I break down the main reasons you might NOT see success achieving your speaking goal. I also explain what you can do instead, that will help you get better results if you do end up working with me in the future.

1. You aren’t willing to push yourself

Maybe you believe you are already an excellent speaker because you can deliver talks without a script thanks to your knowledge of the subject and your ability to engage with the audience. And sure thing, you are excellent at this. However this is not Nirvana. There is always a next level, where you can be more effective, more consistently.

This requires pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and questioning your current status and abilities. If that’s too much for you and you prefer to keep coasting, working with me would not help. Of course, as soon as you feel ready to take the step, you know where to find me.

2. You cannot commit the time and energy required

I know, your schedule is super busy. Maybe you need to do this talk and have to deal with a thousand conflicting issues. But without committing enough time and energy the result can’t be anything but meh. How much time is enough? My speakers typically spend a few hours per week for the first 5 weeks and increase to 8 or 10 hours per week in the final 5 weeks.

If that’s too much I would suggest exploring how to improve your talk just marginally with some last-minute techniques, which however won’t allow you to shine as you deserve. When you want to really multiply your impact by committing the time and energy it takes, you know where to find me.

3. You don’t have the budget

You might be at the early stages of your venture or mission. I get it. You want to obtain results soon, even without a budget. However, that would be a mistake. You are still shaping your mission even if it’s crystal clear in your mind. You want to hit the market with your idea first, learn from its reactions and modify your idea accordingly.

A carefully prepared talk is not the right tool for this. You need to experiment around what works and what does not work. You’ll probably change your message several times, based on the responses from the people you talk to.

So be nimble and experiment by talking from your heart about your mission in interactions involving few people at a time. It’s cheaper and helps you build a solid base for when you’ll finally be in the position to deliver a powerful talk to a large audience. At that point you know where to find me.

4. You expect me to do the work for you

Preparing a great talk requires a lot of work on your side. I’m your coach and my task is to guide you in the process, never to do the work for you. It’s your talk and it has to come from within you. I’m there to assist you transform a vague idea in your mind into a fully scripted talk.

If you want to save on work, you can always use a copywriter who will do it for you. The result might be good or even great, but it’s not your talk. I work only with people who are passionate about their mission and are willing to be genuine leaders. When you’ll decide to dive full in and be the leader you can be, you know where to find me.

5. You don’t feel excited by your speech theme

This is the worst. Maybe you were given a talk to deliver at an event, which does not excite you. I understand you completely. How could you deliver with passion a talk that does not come from your heart? If that’s the case I’d suggest you consider using techniques to polish your delivery and make it interesting.

However I won’t help you with that. I want to devote my energies to speakers and talks that will inspire people to action, talking to their hearts. But I hope that in the future you will also have the opportunity to create and deliver a talk that really inspires you. In that case, you know where to find me.

What’s next for you?

So there you have it, those are the main reasons you shouldn’t work with me. It’s important you understand what they are so you can decide if I’m the right fit for you.

Although this article might seem a bit blunt, it comes from a place of wanting to help you make the right choice and help you avoid wasting time and money.

If instead I sound like a good fit for you, why not book a Discovery call with me to discuss your needs.

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